The Di Rosa Lawyers Difference

We understand South Australians

DSC_0898We’re a proud Adelaide and South Australian law firm.

People in Adelaide and South Australia are all about protecting what they have in terms of lifestyle and wealth. Not by taking uncalculated risks, but by carefully managing what they have.

The legal advice and support we give is geared to this, whether it is talking about asset protection from a business and personal perspective, or taking you through the potential impacts of your family and personal relationships.

As South Australians like you we are conscious about the high cost of living in our State. This is why our goal is to make sure our clients get value for money, rather than view our services as another expense that they could have well done without.

We understand South Australian businesses

The vast majority of businesses in Adelaide and South Australia are small businesses. We’re a small business, too, and understand what it is like to be in business in Adelaide and South Australia. We think we have a pretty good understanding of what business owners face day to day and year to year and what they want and need in the way of legal advice and support. 

We understand South Australian families

glenelg1Adelaide and South Australia is renowned throughout Australia and the world as a great place to raise a family. Yet our State faces great challenges now and will do so in the future, placing families under stress. And what constitutes a family is ever changing. We believe we have both the legal and emotional intelligence to deal with the increasingly complex and troubling issues faced by South Australian families.

We understand you

If you are facing a personal, business or family issue, we are there for you. If you are at a legal fork in the road of your personal or business life, we will advise you on which path you should take. If there is a legal roadblock, we’ll try to find a way around it. If there is a legal avenue to success or the avoidance of failure, we’ll help navigate your way through.  We’re on your side.


The Di Rosa Lawyers Difference

We are trusted advisers to business and property owners and their families. We can help solve many of your legal problems in the areas of law that matter most to you. We listen to you and are focused on your needs. You will notice the difference as soon as you walk in to our office to meet us or pick up the phone to talk to us for the first time, Learn more about us.