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Are your terms of trade legally effective?

One of the best ways to protect your business and ensure you get paid is to have well prepared, clear and concise ‘Terms of Trade’ between your business and those with whom your business transacts. Having clear terms of trade is an excellent way of minimising and preventing bad debt.

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Top 10 ways to make the new financial year a happy one

With the end of the financial year is upon us, it is critical that you plan ahead to ensure the business remains viable and profitable while meeting all your statutory, contractual and financial commitments for the new FY.

Here are the top 10 ways you can make the new financial year a happy one.

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Why “Business Pre-Nups” are Important

Disputes can arise at any time between you and your business partners… which is why it is essential that at the outset or at least before any disagreements arise you have the necessary commercial documents in place:

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Land divisions

Do you have land which you want to sub-divide? We encourage our clients to seek our advice early in the process for example after they have made preliminary enquiries of the relevant local council and dealt with their surveyor, whose role it is to assist with the lodgement and approval process with the local council and the Development Assessment Commission.

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The Top Ten Things You Should Know About Wills & Estate Planning.

You simply must have a will. If you don’t, the State decides how your hard earned assets are to be distributed and who is going to distribute them – perhaps to family members you wouldn’t otherwise be caught dead giving anything to!

Having your will properly prepared is painless; it is not a “black art”. Making a will today doesn’t mean you’re going to die tomorrow. Think of it as insurance “should something happen”. But guess what: it can happen! We’ve lost count of the number of families who have been distressed by the fact that their beloved brother or uncle died suddenly without making a proper will, thinking they did not need one or that “it would not happen to me”, and leaving a trail of unallocated assets and debts behind…

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Can I change the locks? By Joanna Diamantopoulos

This is usually one of the first questions clients ask me after they have just separated from their partner in circumstances where they may feel worried about their personal safety or the security of their house and contents.

The break-up of a relationship is usually a confusing and worrying time. It can involve a lot of uncertainty about what to do next and how it will affect your financial future. It is the family lawyer’s role to help alleviate this uncertainty, and show you the way forward.

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