Loans or gifts to your children: what happens when their relationship or marriage breaks down?

In these challenging economic times, when housing affordability has become out of reach for an increasing number of young Australians, it is all too common for parents to give them financial help to their adult children.   This is particularly the case as children start thinking about settling down and living the Australian dream of […]

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The top 10 myths and misconceptions about wills

  Let this thought sink in for a moment: only about half of Australians have a legal will.   There are many reasons for this alarming statistic and it would appear that most of them are based on misunderstanding the critical importance of wills.   A will is the only proper way that you can determine how […]

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Electronic conveyancing is here: what it means to property investors

After years of debate and consultation, electronic conveyancing in South Australia is finally here, the birthplace of Torrens Title system of real property ownership, with fundamental changes to the way in which land transactions are carried out “online” having already taken effect. The changes not only affect how practitioners such as solicitors and conveyancers carry […]

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: The Dangers of Division 7A Loan Accounts

Being a director of a company in Australia is an onerous position, particularly when economic times are tough. Managing creditors has never been harder than now, and there is often the temptation to, figuratively, “rob Peter, to pay Paul” when juggling cash flow. The vast majority of companies in this country are run by one […]

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