Family Law

Binding Financial Agreements: are they worth the paper they’re written on?

A recent decision by the High Court of Australia, known as Thorne v Kennedy, has caused a stir in the press and in the legal fraternity, because it has been viewed as calling into question the use of Binding Financial Agreements, especially what are colloquially known as “pre-nuptial agreements”. For years, family lawyers have been […]

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Loans or gifts to your children: what happens when their relationship or marriage breaks down?

In these challenging economic times, when housing affordability has become out of reach for an increasing number of young Australians, it is all too common for parents to give them financial help to their adult children.   This is particularly the case as children start thinking about settling down and living the Australian dream of […]

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The top 10 things to put on your “to do” list if you’re separating

The breakdown of a relationship, whether marital, de facto or same sex, is a very tough event. It can be very hard to concentrate on what you should do, especially early on when emotions are raw and tempers can sometimes be frayed.

Like any challenging time in life, it helps to focus on the positives and to develop an action plan. Some people can be aided by lists of things they should do.

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Can I change the locks? By Joanna Diamantopoulos

This is usually one of the first questions clients ask me after they have just separated from their partner in circumstances where they may feel worried about their personal safety or the security of their house and contents.

The break-up of a relationship is usually a confusing and worrying time. It can involve a lot of uncertainty about what to do next and how it will affect your financial future. It is the family lawyer’s role to help alleviate this uncertainty, and show you the way forward.

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