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What is a testamentary trust and why should I have one?

A testamentary trust is, put very simply, a trust that is established within your will. As such, a testamentary trust does not begin to operate until and unless you die. This differentiates testamentary trusts from other trusts that may be established to operate during your lifetime, which we lawyers call inter vivos trusts (commonly known […]

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The top 10 myths and misconceptions about wills

  Let this thought sink in for a moment: only about half of Australians have a legal will.   There are many reasons for this alarming statistic and it would appear that most of them are based on misunderstanding the critical importance of wills.   A will is the only proper way that you can determine how […]

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The Top 5 Estate Disputes and How to Resolve Them

When someone dies, leaving behind assets, disagreements between those who are left behind can often arise, whether or not a will is in place. Sometimes disagreements can intensify precisely because there is a will in place. As one of the leading estates practices in Adelaide, we have seen just about every problem and dispute. This means we are able to predict with some certainty the ranges of outcomes…

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The Top 10 Duties of an Executor

An executor of a will is the legal personal representative of a person when that person dies. The executor, in a legal sense, “stands in the shoes” of the deceased and must make decisions in relation to their assets and liabilities.

The role is very important and can be onerous and time consuming.

You should therefore choose very wisely when you make the ultimate decision: who is to take care of my affairs when I’m gone?

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