Our Approach

We are a proud South Australian law firm.  Our office in Adelaide is centrally located in South Australia’s legal precinct at 61 Carrington Street.  We have clients from all over our great State. We are trusted advisers to South Australian business and property owners and their families.

What we do

Our firm provides total legal solutions across the areas of law that matter most to individuals, families, community organisations and small to medium enterprises in South Australia, namely:

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to be the trusted legal advisor of generations of as many South Australians as possible, from the moment you get your first job and buy your first house, start a business, get married and have children, then retire and decide what you’re going to with the wealth you have created for the loved ones you will leave behind.

We’re all about building our practice by word of mouth, and letting our actions speak louder than our words.

If for whatever reason we are unable to assist you with respect to any specific legal issue, we will seek the advice of a specialist in the area to get you the right answer. We want to be your first port of call, the legal team you immediately think of when you have a problem or simply want a question answered.

First impressions count

You will notice the difference the moment you pick up the phone to call us, and when you come in for your first appointment when you will be treated to a warm smile and friendly care.

How we communicate

We will listen to what you have to say. We will not talk down to you like other law firms.

We will explain what we do every step of the way in plain English without boring you with law talk.

We’re accessible: you choose how you wish to communicate with us whether it be by phone, fax, email, letter or even SMS.

Our focus is always on you, our client

We are focused on your needs.

We want to build life-long relationships with you, your family and your business, much like you may have with your family physician or accountant.

We want to provide legal services which you value and appreciate because what we do comes not only from our heads but from our hearts.

If you have a legal problem or question, call us now on 8237 0559 for a free first telephone consultation of up to 20 minutes duration, or make an enquiry. It could be the most important call you will ever make.


The Di Rosa Lawyers Difference

We are trusted advisers to business and property owners and their families. We can help solve many of your legal problems in the areas of law that matter most to you. We listen to you and are focused on your needs. You will notice the difference as soon as you walk in to our office to meet us or pick up the phone to talk to us for the first time, Learn more about us.