Breach of contract

Breach of contract
Do you have a contractual issue or dispute?  Not sure where you stand, legally, even though you’ve got something in writing with another party?

As a business operator, you will be faced with numerous contracts, including supply agreements, service agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, even employment agreements.

In many instances these agreements contain detailed provisions about each parties’ obligations as well as the steps required for dispute resolution and limitations on claims for damages.

What you should do if there is a contractual dispute

If you are in a dispute, or potentially in a dispute, with the party on the other side of a contract, we urge you to seek our advice as to what your obligations are.

The Courts place great emphasis on upholding commercial contracts to ensure that enterprises within the free market economy run efficiently.  Without formal agreements between businesses there would be chaos and anarchy.

But even where there is a written agreement, there may be some ambiguity or lack of clarity regarding its terms, which is where Courts and lawyers sometimes come in.

There may even be instances where you as the business owner are forced to breach the contract for whatever reason or where the other party does not dispute its terms but wishes to or has no option but to breach the contract with you.

How we can help

We provide small to medium sized businesses with advice and representation in relation to all contractual issues and disputes including:

  • advising on termination and discharge of contracts
  • enforcing contracts
  • seeking recovery of damages as a result of a breach of contract
  • defending proceedings where a breach of contract is alleged
  • advising in relation to the interpretation of ambiguous contracts
  • claims for specific performance of contractsclaims for breach and for equitable remedies arising in relation to contract.

If the circumstances demand or require, we will use alternate dispute resolution techniques to resolve contractual disputes before they reach the Court room.


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