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What happens to your assets and liabilities after you are gone? Dealing with deceased estates is, sadly but critically,a fact of life for the loved ones we leave behind.

Probate and Letters of Administration

Have you been appointed executor of a will and need help with obtaining Probate?  Making an application for Probate can be a tricky and complicated process; you will more than likely need legal assistance.

Do you have to apply for Letters of Administration because someone close to you has passed away without a will?   Making an application for Letters of Administration is even trickier and more complicated than applying for Probate.  You will almost certainly require legal assistance.

We can assist you in dealing with all Probate Registry applications and distributing the assets and liabilities of estates, whether large or small, simple or complicated.

Contested estates

Have you been left out of a will?  You may be entitled to make a claim.

Has someone close to you prepared a will when they have not been of sound mind or where they have been coerced into making a will?  You may be entitled to take preventative action.

We can go to Court on your behalf and make the appropriate Inheritance (Family Provision) Act claim on your behalf and also challenge the validity of wills in a number of cases.

As society has become more complex and diversified, so has estate planning and the administration of deceased estates.

What we do

We have many years of experience and expertise in deceased estates, including:

Warning: strict time limits apply in these cases.


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