Sale and Purchase of Land

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Have you just bought or sold a property?  If so, you will need a conveyancer.

What is conveyancing?

The sale and purchase of land involves a process called a “conveyance of land”.  Conveyancing is the process by which the legal ownership of land is changed.

This includes changing the names on the original certificate of title which is the legal identifier of the land and making sure the land is transferred as “clear title” i.e. free of any encumbrances or debt.

In South Australia a solicitor or a conveyancer (previously called a land broker) is qualified to do this. 

A conveyancer is required when you are buying, selling or transferring land for any reason, even from family member to family member.  If you are selling a property to someone you know, you will need a contract.  We can assist in this regard.

Conveyancing services as well as legal advice

At Di Rosa Lawyers we not only have conveyancers but also solicitors who specialise in property law. Should any legal difficulties arise, we will advise you and protect your interests. 

We put our clients’ needs first and make sure they are kept informed of the process step by step.

What we do as conveyancers

Because we are experienced property lawyers and conveyancers we have the necessary expertise to deal with all matters relating to the sale and purchase of land including:

  • Conducting Certificate of Title searches
  • Searches of government departments and local authorities
  • Advice on the effect of the contract and form 1
  • Where necessary or required, obtain expert advice on the stamp duty, Capital Gains Tax and Goods and Services Tax impacts on the sale and or purchase of the land
  • Legal advice and representation in relation to any issues arising from the contract, for example, where the other party by act or omission breaches the contract
  • Preparation and certification of legal documents
  • Stamping of required documents
  • Calculation of adjustments of rates and taxes
  • Preparation of settlement statements
  • Liaison with mortgagors and financiers
  • Attendance at settlement
  • Advising all authorities as to the change of ownership

The Di Rosa Lawyers Difference

We are trusted advisers to business and property owners and their families. We can help solve many of your legal problems in the areas of law that matter most to you. We listen to you and are focused on your needs. You will notice the difference as soon as you walk in to our office to meet us or pick up the phone to talk to us for the first time, Learn more about us.