Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I see one of your lawyers?

Any time or anywhere you like.

Our office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm but we can see you earlier or later than that.

We can see you at office which is centrally located in the CBD and the heart of the legal precinct:

We can see you at your home or office (by appointment only).

Yes, even on weekends if urgent (by appointment).

What languages do your lawyers speak?

For a start, we speak plain English. We will not baffle you with legal jargon. We will be straight to the point and explain things as clearly as possible, even if the legal issues involved are complex.

We also speak Italian.

We are a proudly South Australian and Australian law firm embracing all cultures, religions, beliefs and social persuasions.

Do you specialise in family law?

Yes, we do. We have the understanding, experience and the knowledge to help you deal with such matters, including:

Don’t risk your children’s welfare or your financial future by failing to get good advice. Talk to us today.

Do you specialise in conveyancing and property law?

Yes, we do.

We have years of conveyancing knowledge and experience to ensure the transfer of your valuable asset is a smooth and complete one.

We provide comprehensive conveyancing or “landbroking” services including:

Why go to a broker or conveyancer when we are no more expensive?

We also have the expertise to advise you of the legal ramifications of entering what are for most people very significant transactions.

Do you specialise in deceased estates?

Yes, we do.

We can assist you in dealing with all Probate Registry applications and distributing the assets and liabilities of estates, whether large or small, simple or complicated, including:

Do you special in estate planning (wills, powers of attorney etc)?

Yes, we do.

You should have a will so that your assets are disposed of the way you wish when you die.

In a lot of circumstances having a power of attorney may be advisable as well.

We can assist you in preparing your will and your power of attorney to suit you and to benefit the loved ones you leave behind.

We can also prepare the following important documents for you:

  • Advance Care Directives
  • Testamentary trusts

Not having a will or power of attorney can result in financial disaster and wasted legal costs.

Don’t risk your future and that of your family by not taking care of your will and power of attorney and guardianship requirements. Call us today.


What happens at the first interview?

It depends on your what you want and where you want go from the first interview. We usually ask you questions about your background and the background facts if it is a matter in respect of which you might need more than just advice.

It is difficult to do this unless we have any relevant paperwork or other evidence so please make sure you bring this with you at the first interview.

We then ask you what you want to achieve.

If it is a legal document, such as a will, we will ask all the relevant questions and seek the answers from you that will help us build the document suited to your needs and circumstances.

If is a dispute or problem you want us to help you with, we then take you through the relevant law and the possible outcomes.

Finally, assuming you are interested in proceeding, we discuss with you the value of behind the services we may be asked to provide to you and the cost of that service.

At the conclusion of the interview, assuming we can help you and you want us to proceed, we will ask you to confirm that you wish to do so in writing.


The Di Rosa Lawyers Difference

We are trusted advisers to business and property owners and their families. We can help solve many of your legal problems in the areas of law that matter most to you. We listen to you and are focused on your needs. You will notice the difference as soon as you walk in to our office to meet us or pick up the phone to talk to us for the first time, Learn more about us.