Wills and Powers of Attorney Adelaide

Do you have a will?

If you have a will, does it need to be reviewed?

It is vital that you have an estate plan

You should have a will so that your assets are disposed of the way you wish when you die.

In a lot of circumstances having a power of attorney and/or an advanced care directive may be advisable as well.

All too often we see cases where people die prematurely or suddenly without a will, believing that it “won’t happen to me” and “what do I care what happens, I’ll be gone anyway”.

Many people fail to recognise what can happen if they don’t have a will and the impact it has on their loved ones.

The impact of life changes on your estate plan

People marry, start a family, get jobs, buy a home, and before they know it, they have established a valuable estate including superannuation without having considered a succession plan

What happens to your estate (your home, your investment property, your personal assets, and your business) upon your death? What happens to your affairs if you become mentally incapacitated?

These are crucial questions you must ask yourself no matter what your current health or wealth.

Your financial and personal affairs are clearly important and relatively inexpensive to organize (for example, a will, power of attorney and power of guardianship package is cheaper than one year of car insurance).

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