family lawyers Adelaide

Family Lawyers Adelaide

  • Are you separated or divorced?
  • Married or in a de facto relationship?
  • Entering into a new relationship or marriage?
  • Need advice regarding property settlement, children’s issues, maintenance and divorce?

Family and personal issues such as these are close to everyone’s heart which is why you need legal advice and representation from a family lawyer who is level headed, sincere, caring and empathetic.

We have over 25 years of experience in family law in Adelaide, South Australia.

We’re family people as much as we’re family lawyers

We have the understanding, expertise and knowledge to help you deal with all areas of family law including:

You will see the benefits of the support our family lawyers give from the moment you sit down with us to talk about your situation.

A family lawyer who listens and who cares.

If you see a family lawyer in our firm, you will be sure that they will listen to your concerns and get you the results you and your family deserve. Our family lawyers understand matters of the heart but at the same time approach your situation with a cool head.

Our family lawyers will be able to tell you what to expect throughout your matter so that you will know what the likely outcomes are relative to the costs involved.

As we are experienced and well respected Adelaide family lawyers, we’re able to take a lot of the fear and anxiety out of our clients’ lives post-separation, and give you the tools and the knowledge to move forward.

What sets us apart as Adelaide family lawyers

We think that to be a great family lawyer, you need to have the following attributes:

  • Care and compassion
  • A family first approach
  • A deep understanding of family law, which is quite different to other jurisdictions
  • Knowing what works and doesn’t work in the family law courts
  • Expertise in other areas of law (such as commercial law, wills and estates) which directly impact on family law
  • The ability to predict and prepare for outcomes, so we can help you plan for the future

If you are unsure as to what do or who to turn to, look no further: speak to a family lawyer on our team now.

Don’t risk your children’s welfare or your financial future by failing to get good advice. Talk to us today.  The first phone call is always free.


The Di Rosa Lawyers Difference

We are trusted advisers to business and property owners and their families. We can help solve many of your legal problems in the areas of law that matter most to you. We listen to you and are focused on your needs. You will notice the difference as soon as you walk in to our office to meet us or pick up the phone to talk to us for the first time, Learn more about us.