Insolvency and bankruptcy

Insolvency and Bankruptcy
In business and facing corporate insolvency or personal bankruptcy?

We may be able to assist you before it is too late.

How we can help

Equally if you are seeking to recover a debt against a company or individual, we can assist you in testing the solvency of the debtor and bringing the required proceedings for the winding up of the company or the bankruptcy of the individual.

We have the expertise and experience to assist our clients in dealing with the legal and commercial issues that arise in corporate insolvency and personal bankruptcy.

We have acted for numerous clients in various capacities, whether as creditors or debtors or as officers of creditor or debtor companies

What we do

We provide the following services:

  • attend at hearings of winding up applications and Creditors’ Petitions on behalf of creditors, debtors and supporting creditors
  • applications for the setting aside of Statutory Demands and Bankruptcy Notices
  • preparation of deeds of company arrangement
  • preparation of debt agreements pursuant to Part IX of the Bankruptcy Act
  • preparation of Personal Insolvency Arrangements pursuant to Part X of the Bankruptcy Act
  • insolvent trading claims and the recovery of:
    • voidable transactions
    • unfair preferences
    •  uncommercial transactions and assets

What you must do

If you have been served with a statutory demand or your company is facing a winding up application, please seek our advice before it is too late.

Equally, if you are wishing to wind up another company or issue bankruptcy proceedings against a debtor, we will ensure all the necessary legal steps are taken to achieve your desired outcome.

Timing is critical in insolvency and bankruptcy issues, so please call us on 8354 2233 to discuss your situation.


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