Liquor Licensing Adelaide and Torrensville

imagesDo you operate a pub, hotel, restaurant or club in Adelaide or South Australia?  You will probably need a liquor or gaming license.

We’re Adelaide liquor licensing solicitors and can assist you in obtaining or acquiring or transferring a liquor or gaming license.

Many businesses such as cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs and entertainment venues sell alcohol as part of their trade.

The sale of alcohol is highly regulated in Adelaide and the rest of South Australia under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.

Any one who intends to sell or supply liquor must apply to the South AustralianLiquor and Gambling
Commissioner for a licence.

What a liquor licence does

A liquor licence authorises the licensee to sell and supply liquor in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licence.

Types of liquor licences

There are currently 11 different categories of licences available under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997:

  • Club licence
  • Direct sales licence
  • Entertainment venue licence
  • Hotel licence
  • Limited club licence
  • Producer’s licence
  • Residential licence
  • Restaurant licence
  • Retail liquor merchant’s licence
  • Special circumstances licence
  • Wholesale liquor merchant’s licence

How we can help

If you are in business in Adelaide or South Australia generally and intend to apply for a license or have an existing license transferred to you (for example, upon the purchase of a business), then you need to be aware that each of the licenses have different requirements and obligations.  We can assist you every step of the way.

For example, notices must be provided to, and approvals sought, from local councils and objections must be dealt with before a licence can be granted.  If objections cannot be resolved by conciliation, then applications will need to be adjudicated in the Licensing Court.

While a largely administration process, liquor licence applications can involve a considerable amount of complexity and difficulty.


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